9 juli 2012

new pictures in the gallery

I've added some pictures I took for my portfolio to the site, and wrote picture descriptions in English this time.

Part of the last batch are a bunch of knives i made for the exhibition to go with the lamps an bowls. All blades are laminated, which means that they have a hard steel core forge welded with a softer, tougher iron alloy.

6 juli 2012

Long overdue

I was going to post these pictures about a month ago they are among the only pictures of the exhibition I have taken so far. These pictures where taken a few days before we opened and some of us are still putting finishing touches on the exhibits, hence the ladders and such.

we all got a 3x3 meter area to dispose of as we pleased. I built this house with a steel frame covered with cloth and sheet metal to showcase my products.

Our class feature a verity of materials and designs which makes for an interesting mix.

The exhibition closes 2 September so there's still time to go and see it.

Other sites that has written about the exhibition: (in Swedish only)